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GERMAN INDUSTRY UK is a private organisation of 100 members of the Board of businesses in the UK with a German majority shareholding. They represent 200 businesses of which 150 are selling and 100 are manufacturing in the UK, employing 200,000 people.  Patron is the German Ambassador in London.

GERMAN INDUSTRY CONSULTING works with German businesses in the UK, the German Embassy in London and with local and national governments, both in Germany and the UK.

GERMAN INDUSTRY CONSULTING employs a number of experienced German and British business people throughout the UK and Germany, who are at your service.  They are current and retired Managing Directors of German businesses in the UK.

Our Service

GERMAN INDUSTRY CONSULTING offers professional advice on Inward Investment from Germany and Exports to Germany.

 Inward Investment from Germany:

Exports to Germany:

 How This Helps You

 GERMAN INDUSTRY CONSULTING offers above others:

all of which will be essential to you when doing business with Germany.

Our Fees

Our fees for professional advice on inward investment from Germany and exports to Germany are available by Email - Please contact us via the Contact Page.


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